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Certified Ericksonian Hypnosis Practitioner


In life, we can all find ourselves trapped by reactions and situations that are beyond us, that we are unable or no longer able to control and which lead us into an endless vicious circle.

Hypnosis helps you to rid yourself of unwanted behaviors.


"I highly recommend sessions with Johanne to all who feel out of kilter and in search of alignment. Using a gentle yet structured approach, she helped me explore my inner-self and deal with deeply rooted mental blocks."
“A huge thanks to Johanne for her very effective support during a period of career transition. 
Johanne is extremely sensitive and guides the session gently and with precision, particularly when setting goals.”
“"I am both delighted and surprised with the results. I fully recommend Johanne for her attentive listening, dialog-driven problem solving, professionalism and bubbly personality.
A both human and efficient therapist."
“I was amazed by what we were able to seek inside me during the sessions and by the positive effects over the long term.
Johanne helped me to unblock things and move forward in my professional life."

Interested or wondering whether hypnotherapy can help you? Please get in touch.

Phone (sms or voice call): +33 7 80 98 93 91

How I help you with hypnosis:

The work I do as a hypnotherapist is like a hike or trek. You are advancing on a path, but at times are faced with a ravine or a barrier that blocks your way. For example:

You are experiencing such stress at work that you feel exhausted and out of your depth;

You are terrified at the idea of speaking in public, as if paralysed by vertigo while climbing;

You suffer from headaches or back pain that are increasingly incapacitating and that feed a vicious cycle of stress, anxiety and fatigue.

My job is to help you to reach a pathway that enables you to get past your mental blocks and continue your way forward. I help you to relieve your stress, regain energy and free yourself of problematic patterns, to feel more aligned and grounded in your everyday life and with your entourage.

My practice in Paris:

Practice opening times:

Monday to Friday: 9 am to 8 pm

Saturdays: 9 am to 1 pm